Monday, July 21, 2014

Top Drugstore Beauty Deals! (07/20-07/26)

Months ago, I used to post all the beauty deals for three drugstores: CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, along with applicable printable coupons. I am unable to commit to doing that each week, since it takes around an hour and a half per drugstore to type up all the deals and find the matching coupons for each of the sales (huge props to coupon bloggers out there who do this for every sale in the ad). My schedule is going to get busier since I'll be starting school soon, but I would at least like to post in my opinion, the top beauty deals at each of these drugstores so that you don't miss a great deal! I am a huge drugstore beauty lover, and I score great savings with the use of coupons on top of weekly sales, so why not share my love for saving with you!

You will need to be a rewards member at the drugstore in order for you to score any of the sales. Being a member is free and you can either sign up in person at the drugstore or online. Listed underneath each drugstore (CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens) are the links to their respective rewards program page, coupon policy, and weekly ad. All the information that you need will be in those links, but feel free to ask me if you have trouble understanding a deal or policy. I don't work any of these drugstores, but I shop there enough to know their coupon policies and their reward programs! :P And as a tip, these sales and rewards do not apply to any items that are on clearance. Happy savings!

Acronyms commonly used:
  • BOGO - Buy One Get One (i.e. BOGO 50% = Buy One Get One 50% off)
  • wyb - when you buy
  • wys - when you spend
  • ECB - Extra Care Bucks (Rewards program at CVS)
  • +UP - +UP Rewards (Rewards program at Rite Aid)
  • BP - Balance Points (Rewards program at Walgreens)
  • RR - Register Rewards (Rewards program at Walgreens)

Extra Care Rewards
Coupon Policy
Weekly Ad

*TIPS: Always scan your CVS card or input your phone number that is affiliated with the Extra Care program at the red box machine while you're in store! This is where you'll get additional CVS store coupons that you will be able to use on top of manufacturer coupons! Keep scanning the card or inputting your number until the machine tells you that there are no more coupons for the day!*
  • Receive $10 ECB wys $30 on any L'Oreal Facial Care or Sublime Bronze self-tanning Towelettes 6 ct.
  • Receive $5 ECB wyb any two Sally Hansen Cosmetics
  • Receive $5 ECB wys $15 on any CoverGirl Cosmetics
    $2.00 off one CoverGirl Outlast Lip product
  • OGX Shampoo, Conditioner, stylers 2-13 oz, Body Wash or Body Lotion - $4.99

Wellness Rewards Program
Coupon Policy
Weekly Ad

*TIPS: (1) Grab a weekly ad every week time you go into Rite Aid. Sometimes there are Rite Aid store coupons in the ad that you can tear out and use. And yes, you can use these with manufacturer coupons too! (2) Rite Aid releases a bundle of store coupons online called Rite Aid Video Values each month where you have to sign into your account, and watch a video commercial in order to get your coupons. *

Balance Rewards Program
Coupon Policy
Weekly Ad

*TIP: Every month Walgreens releases a store coupon book filled with lots of savings that you can pick up next to where the weekly ads are located! Like the other two drugstores, you can use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for each item you purchase. *

Feel free to ask me any questions! I always love helping people save! :)

Manicure Monday: Summer Glam!

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm in a constant packing mode, and it's not fun at all. I feel as if I'm burning a million calories every time I pack and clean, but you know, that ice cream treat right? Yep! :P

I've been rockin' these nails in China Glaze "Aquadelic" and NYC Cosmetics "Top of the Gold" for almost a week! I just love this combination! I'm a gold's girl, and I love this NYC Cosmetics top coat alongside with the beautiful aqua color! Both apply nicely and are long lasting, although you should know that the gold is more suitable as a top coat. Wear it underneath some kind of base so that it won't be difficult to take it off later down the road!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

REVIEW: NYC Cosmetics Liquid Lipshine in "Guava"

Hi everyone! I just discovered the NYC Cosmetics Liquid Lipshine at Rite Aid just recently, and I picked up the color "Guava" from one of the displays. I am unsure if this color is limited edition or not since it was in a cardboard display box with a summer theme, but nevertheless, I want to rave about this lip product, specifically this color in particular because it is amazing!

For only $1.99, NYC Cosmetics has created a lip gloss (specifically Guava since I haven't tried other colors from the line), filled with pigmentation and shine that lasts throughout the day! Rite Aid is having a deal this week where the entire NYC Cosmetics line is 40% off, so you can actually score this for even cheaper than two bucks!

Guava is a bright, fun pinky fuchsia lip gloss. It appears to be completely a creme color with no fine glitter, but after wearing it several times, I discovered that there are really fine purple glitter in the gloss that you can't see unless you get a close up look or if you have a camera flash on.

The applicator wand is quite long. It's easy to use on the bottom of my lips, but it doesn't work as well on my top lips since it's too big. If you want precise application then I suggest using a lip brush, but this is lip gloss, so it's not too bothersome to quickly fix and wipe off excess gloss.

Can you guys see the fine purple glitter? It's not too noticeable! 

Without flash you can't see too much of the purple glitter. But dang, is this gloss GLOSSY or what?!

The gloss appears lighter pink with flash. I love that the fine purple glitter gives your lips a little bit more dimension.

Overall, I love this lip gloss. I love the color, I love the high shine that it gives off, and I love that it's so stinkin' affordable! $1.99 and that's regular price! I even love the little purple they got in there! My only two complaints is the length of the applicator is a little too long, and so it's a little more difficult to apply with precision on the top lips (luckily this is lip gloss and not lipstick though), and two, that the gloss smells like vanilla, which I personally don't like. The smell doesn't linger, so it's not a huge bother. If you like this color, I suggest going to your local Rite Aid if you have one nearby to buy it now since I didn't see this shade on the regular shelf normally where the line is displayed. Plus, the brand is 40% off this week only, and if you spend $5 after discounts, you'll receive $2 in +UP Rewards with your Rite Aid Wellness membership! I can't wait to try other colors from this line!

Yay or nay for this pop of pink?!

P.S. The first time I tried this on was when I decided to do 4-5 hours of straight cleaning and packing! I was so tired and sweaty, but you know what? My lips looked good! :P 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Hi everyone! Just a quick review! I've had the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer sitting in my makeup drawer for a while, and I was curious as to how it worked since I haven't used it in a long time. This primer is supposed to help "minimize the appearance of pores," control your shine and keep your face looking matte for up to 8 hours. 

I do like this primer, but I feel as if it's a little too thick for my skin since I do have dry/normal skin so this may be why I may not like it as much as the rest of the world. However, I am a huge fan of their Fix & Perfect Pro Primer, since I like the silky, gel/silicone texture that it has, but this matte one has the texture and smell of glue which completely throws me off.

I don't know what I was thinking of trying a matte primer on my dry/normal skin, but this makes my skin feel even drier than before. If you have oily/combo skin, then this might work better for you. It definitely holds my makeup together throughout the day, but it does feel heavier than I feel like it should. My mistake for purchasing this! For those who have dry/normal or dry/combo skin, skip this product and get yourself the Fix & Perfect one instead! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty Haul! (Revlon, LORAC, Too Faced, NYC Cosmetics, etc.)

I got another beauty haul to share with you guys!

In Other News...
  • I have been packing for the past few days, and I have a whole plastic drawer dedicated to beauty supplies! I've been trying to transfer all of my "must haves" into a smaller plastic drawer from my Ikea Alex, and I just can't say "no" to some of my most beloved products! I also packed my drawers up with shampoo, conditioner, facial care, and other beauty products! It's getting too heavy!
  • Expect a review on the NYC Liquid Lipshine in "Guava" sometime soon!
  • I've been trying to exercise more! LOL I think I'm doing well so far, but the key is staying focus and eating clean too! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

DEAL: Rite Aid 40% Off Revlon Cosmetics = Matte Balms for $1.75 each with Q's!

Starting tomorrow Revlon Cosmetics will be 40% off at Rite Aid! This is a rare and amazing promotion, plus there are Rite Aid coupons AND manufacturer coupons you can use to maximize your savings on specifically lip products!

I love the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Lipsticks, so I'm going to get myself two of them tomorrow at the store. Here's a deal scenario that you can do to get them for around $1.70 each when you buy 2:

Remember that you must be a Rite Aid Wellness+ Member in order to receive any discount. Additionally you must watch the Adperk video in order to receive the coupon.

Big Lots Friends & Family 20% off Sale starts tomorrow for ALL!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow Big Lots will be having their Friends and Family sale open to everyone all day where you'll receive 20% off your entire purchase with a coupon you can print from their website HERE. Remember that products and brands may vary from store to store. Be on the look out for Wet N Wild sets, Sinful Colors nail lacquer, Sephora by OPI nail polishes, etc.

Today Rewards members were allowed to take advantage of the sale early, and let me tell you that I found the L'Oreal Limited Edition Le Mattes and La Laques for $3.80 each before coupon!!! These limited edition lippies came out last fall, and everybody was on the search for them because they were so difficult to find! It looks like some Big Lots may have a hold of them because I got "She's so Matte" and my BFF got three of them. If you find them and you're a lip person, get them! They work incredible! You can see my past review on these HERE.

What will you be purchasing? My best friend picked up the whole entire season of friends for $64!!! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

REVIEW: Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils!

The Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils are the bomb dot com! I purchased six of the ten shadow sticks available on the Avon website during their 3 for $10 promotion, that is still going on now. I initially heard of these from watching EmilyNoel83's YouTube review on these products where she compared them to the Mally shadow sticks and said that these worked very similarly except that they are much more affordable. I've never tried the Mally sticks before, and I'm not a huge eyeshadow pencil fan, but I decided to give them a try since I trust Emily's words, plus they were and still are 3 for $10 which is a great deal!

These pencils are retractable! Many shadow pencils need to be sharpened which can be a hassle, so having a shadow on a stick that retracts is a time savor! 

Swatches! You can click on the photo to enlarge. Rich in pigmentation? Heck yes! Each swatch was only one swipe! My favorite one is "Topaz Shimmer".

An example look.
I used "Shimmering Sand" on the inner corner of my eyes, "Smoky Plum" on the outer, "Amethyst" on my lid, and "Rich Cocoa" in the crease. Note that I used "Crystal Taupe" instead of "Amethyst"  in the YouTube video below.

  • Rich in pigmentation. All six of the Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils I purchased are very rich in pigmentation. You won't have any trouble getting the shadows to show up on your lids. Be aware though of how much you press or put the shadow on your lids. It is very likely and possible for anyone to use a heavy hand and accidentally put too much of a darker color. Why can this be an issue? These shadows will dry quickly, and if you don't work fast enough then you'll have to start over!
  • Easy to blend! The shadow formula is so good. Although it does set quickly on your eyes, you can still blend it easily if you work fast enough. These are essentially cream shadows on a stick! They are very creamy, so they're easy to blend. The lighter shades are very forgiving in comparison to the darker shades. I recommend using your fingers to blend the shadows. From my personal experiences, using a brush will make them dry faster whereas using the warmth of your fingers will provide you more time to blend the shadows to how you like it!
  • Sweatproof and waterproof. Let's just say that these are great for the summer! I think I actually prefer these over my beloved Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows!
  • Affordable! They retail for $8.50 for one which is already a great price, but Avon always have promotions going on. They still are 3 for $10 from when I posted this review!
  • Not Melt Proof. This is always an issue for me when it comes to cream products. My NYX Cream Blushes tend to melt a little when it's really warm, and similarly these shadows can get really soft when its environment is warm. I recommend storing these eyeshadow pencils away from the sun and somewhere cool in order to sustain them.
  • Only one matte. "Rich Cocoa" is the only shade in this line that has a matte finish. I hope Avon creates more neutral matte toned colors that can be used as a transition in the crease.

You can probably tell that I love these sticks! They are easy to use, and the formula is so great. I still can't believe that these pencils are that affordable! Will you be adding these to your collection?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Nails!

Happy Independence Day!

Today I will be hanging out with my family BBQing and having a good time. I am rockin' these red, white and blue nails for America's birthday today!

Have a good July 4th everyone, and stay safe!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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